Almost 300 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci wrote, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," and I agree.  

How I Got Started:

My love affair with words, stronger than ever now after 60 years, draws not only from a well deep with difficult learning curves, crushing heartache and losses, personal triumphs and professional accomplishments, but also my childhood naivete which I vowed to never lose. Throughout my journey I've worked to keep myself simple and sensitive to better echo the power of a spirited beauty that I feel resides in every one of us.

My work borrows from my training in other media.  Professional training and experience with modeling, drawing, painting and acting enhanced my skills and nurtured my imagination.  Time spent in 35 countries, including speaking engagements in 17 of them, helps me express with non-fiction and fiction not only what I have seen around me, but also what I envision could be.

Larry Gluck, Founder of Mission: Renaissance Art Academy in California, once mentored me to "draw what you see."  Fred Cooke, Founder of the LA Academy of Dramatic Arts, directed me to, as Shakespeare's Hamlet put it, "Suit the action to the word, the word to action."   These days, working deep inside of a story, I "see" the action, and it comes out through words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and chapters -- essential elements of my artistic "sandbox."

Readers tell me they like my work: "I can easily picture what you write;" "You paint pictures with your words;" or "Your writing changed my life."  All of my book reviews are rated at five-stars, for which I am pleased and grateful.

My favorite genre, biography/memoir, rests on trust and humility. A life story is certainly nothing to be toyed with. Timeless legacies and lasting reservoirs of knowledge, they await future generations of readers.

Where I am heading, however, is toward releases of novels.  Writing best-selling fiction to uplift and inspire is my purpose. The first novel, Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love, available now, explores the death of love and beauty, and how they can rise from their ashes to new and better relationships.

Where My Inspiration Comes From

The tens of thousands of people that I've met, my study of the nature of multiple cultures and the time-honored habits of Man force me to write creatively across several genres. Perhaps one  book will catch your curiosity.  If it does, my hope is that the hours we spend "together" will be thought-provoking, emotional and, ultimately, entertaining and inspiring.

Come share my journey; tell me what you think about my work.  Contact me through your email newsletter subscription, or through my publisher at KuleBooksLLC@gmail.com. 

And check back here every so often to see what's new in here.   Books ordered through this site are author-inscribed, except e-Books, which (most) link through to Amazon.com.  

                          -- Ronald Joseph Kule                            

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